Five Card Story: The Day the Llama Came Home

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The Llama came home on a Sunday. He had been gone since Friday. That may not seem like a long time for you and for me, but for the Llama, it was long and sad. His email back home was just one word: help! And so, the crew moved into action. First, they called upon their carrier chickadee to let the Llama know they were coming (through some fluke of nature, the Llama could send email but not receive -- it is not know if this was a result of Spam, nature or just plain ignorance on behalf of the Llama). The carrier chickadee found the Llama, told him what was happening and then used his cell phone to relate the news back to the Llama Rescue Society, which chartered a bus and drove through the city, into the town, through the country and came to the watering hole where the Llama was waiting patiently. The Llama was so happy, he began to spit, which kind of grossed out the Llama Rescue crews but, heck, they were used to it. They worked with Llamas, after all.

-- The End

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flickr photo credits: (1) gshupe (2) jentropy (3) bgblogging (4) D'Arcy Norman (5) nessman

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