Five Card Story: A great trip

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last weekend, many people went to other cities to have fun with their family. Because of this, there had been serious traffic jams. Many people were waiting for a long time, and the line seemed to get longer and longer. But, when people looked up at the sky, they saw a double rainbow! Thanks to this miracle, people’s negative emotions were replaced by excitement and happiness. Finally, we arrived at Cincinnati in the afternoon. When we finished having food and admiring the street of Cincinnati, we found many people walking fast, and they ignored the beauty of the city. When we walked along the street, there was a European-style building at here. However, no one stopped their steps to admire the beautiful architecture. A bunch of sunshine shined on the building making it more dazzling. So, we took many photos to remember this moment. And, we even noticed a little ice cream shop next to the building. In the end, we enjoyed our delicious ice-cream and the beautiful city.

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