Five Card Story: A day in university

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Lives in universities are extremely colorful. In the morning, accompanied by the warm sunlight, I will prefer to walk to school. And during the way to school, I will across a park which is sorely serene. Listening the songs of birds, I will feel more energetic at the beginning of this new day. And in the way to school, I may meet my classmates and will have a brief talk with them to share our new interesting experiences in those days. After opening the doors, I entered the teaching building. SO in the next 2 or 3 hours, I will focus on the class. Although it might be a little tedious and hard during the class since we will get numerous new knowledge in maybe only one class time, I will still feel satisfied with the endeavor I made and feel happy.After the class, I'd like to go to uptown to enjoy my lunch. In afternoon, I'm inclined to go to parks to relax myself. In the park, I can get in touch with the environment. For example, I can see how bees work and pollen to plants. After relaxing, I will go home and review what I have learned today.

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