Five Card Story: Love Story

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It was a sunny day and Tony met his true love on this day. Petty is a college student whose family is not very good. She will go to a convenience store to work when she has no class in order to subsidize her family. Tony is a rich family surrounded by different girlfriends. It was a coincidence that he had no smoke, and he stopped and went to the convenience store where petty worked. "The third row of blue packaging on the back of your shelf, two packs," Tony's head did not lift the money from the wallet to prepare for payment. "A total of $10, sir." A refreshing voice rang in front of tony. He looked up and found Petty wearing a cashier's uniform at the convenience store and smiling at him. Perhaps this is the wonder of love, tony at that moment, love petty at first sight. After the tony dismissed the girls around, the single-minded pursuer petty. Finally in the fall of that year, petty agreed to a request for tony interaction. The two spent the winter together, the other spring, the summer. Finally, in the fall, Tony proposed marriage. Petty shed tears and promised to marry. The place to propose is probably a place that tony can't dream of, in the subway station where petty usually goes home. After that, they went to honeymoon. They met an old man playing a musical instrument on the street. The lyrics in his mouth were like their love, flat and beautiful.

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