Five Card Story: Sky School

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It was a bright sunny day, and little Johnny was taking a bike ride around the block. Then when he was about 5 minutes into his ride, he saw a fence that said "Beware of DOG." But he just ignored it and kept riding by the fence. As he passed he fence, two dogs broke through on motorcycles and wearing leather jackets. Johnny pedaled his little heart out because he thought that the dogs were chasing him. When he got back to his house, he jumped off of his bike as fast as possible and ran inside. When he got inside, he looked out the window and saw the dogs just ride on by like nothing happened so he went back out and followed them. He kept following the dogs until he got to a dog park where a school bus that said "Dog Sky School District." Lucky enough for him, another dog owner accidentally left their leash. So he took the leash and connected his bike to the back of the bus before it took off into the air. At that point he had no idea what he had just gotten himself into. The bus started driving like a normal bus at first, then it started to go up into the air, then past the clouds. Once they got up past the clouds, he saw what looked like a school, and that's exactly what it was. The bus went straight for the school and once it got there, it pulled up the the bus rider line and dogs started walking out of the bus one by one. He untied his bike but immediately fell back down to earth to his death. The government is investigating the way he died but still doesn't know about the school. As Johnny went up to the heavens, he was flying up past the clouds and went right past the school, so he looked at it and all the dogs were sitting in their desks laughing hysterically at him. To this day, no one knows about the "Dog Sky School District."

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) Choconancy1 (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) bionicteaching

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