Five Card Story: A Journey Through Darkness.

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One dark, gloomy day. An Asian Hindu teen, with dark eyes, a feathered Mohawk, and a neon Khasi tribe shirt was walking through the crowds of people silencing out all the voices. He walked upon a rustic, wooden sign with heavy raindrops pouring off it. The sign stated "Please save your marsh, do not walk in it." He stood there, clueless, only knowing that "marsh" meant a type of wetland. The Asian Hindu ignored the sign and continued on with his journey, which lead him upon something no one would've ever suspected, a tombstone. The tombstone was a dingy off white color, with a cross engraved on the top of it. It was covered with dirt, mud, and pine needles as if someone of a young age, perhaps kids, had tried to cover it quickly. The teen was very bewildered and puzzled. He sat down beside the tombstone and tried to visualize the story of this situation. Finally, two hours later, he decided to get up and continue with his journey, rain pouring off of him, he was still hopeful that he'd find out what happened. Twenty six miles later, he heard voices of many children, he hid behind the trees quietly and tried to listen to what they were saying, hopefully he was gonna hear some clues to find a solution to this hair raising, sinister story. He overheard the children talking about a dead body, the teen ran quietly closer to the kids to get a clearer message to what they were saying. Unfortunately, the children heard him and they all ran, frightened because they knew someone was listening. The teen had lost all hope now, he knew he couldn't catch up with them, and he knew he couldn't find anymore clues to this horrifying situation. The teen sadly, slowly walked back to his tepee, which was almost thirty miles away. Until suddenly, a huge gray cat with flaming red eyes, jumped out of a tree and attacked the dark eyed, Asian, Hindu teen. The teen slowly bled out, leaving the leaves so bloody as the raindrops washed the blood down the stream. There's defiantly not going to be a solution to this story anymore.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) Serenae

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