Five Card Story: Education in School

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Looking at these pictures, it brought back memories towards what I've been learning in my biology class. The picture of the broken glass reminds me of the time my teacher talked about psychology and about superstitions. My teacher mentioned how many people believe in superstitions and that they are irrational thinking. This information has really stuck with me considering I believe in superstitions myself. The 3 pictures of the plants remind me of the time my teacher taught us about nature in biology. We had to do research on our given biome. Looking at all the plants, I learned a lot more about how they survive and how to adapt. The picture of the bee is the one picture that most fascinates me. During biology, we watched a video on insects and killer bees were in the video. I learned that when a bee uses their stinger to sting someone/something, they are committing suicide. This information really shocked me because I never knew that before and it really opened my eyes more about the lives of animals.

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