Five Card Story: "SHE DIED"

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"I love you Jane."
She stopped walking and looked at me.
"I told you not to fall inlove with me."
Then I saw a lot of emotion on her eyes,
Sadness, Hapiness or fear? I can't name it. I hold her hand and pulled closer,
"I know you love me too Jane, Why stopping yourself?"
"I can't.. We can't.. You can't fall inlove with me Braden!" And then pushed me and ran away.

I tried to reach you in school, church and I even go to your house! Each day... you're avoiding me. And it's killing me!

Months before our graduation you dropped out. Really? Just to avoid me you go that far? I hate you. I hate for making me fall but you never catch me.

white loooking to our favorite church ..
I saw you, sitting in a wheel chair, so pale.. so thin.. what happened to you my love?

You're father saw me and Ask for a talk.
"You know Braden, When Jane met you she's happy.. and that's make her --no scratch that us, afraid.." can't help myself but to think, 'why? Is it because he's a pastor ? He's afraid i might hurt her?'
" Jane loves you so much, and she doesn't want that.."
She doesn't want to love me? Am I that worst?
"But.. I love her too."
"She knows that too.." I know, I told her.. "Since she's a Kid, Hospital is her home, but then.. 3 years ago, her body stops responding on treatments and ahe was advice to live her life as normal as possible. She never told anyone, cause she never wanted anyone to worry."
"Including me?!"
"Specially you." my question was answered by a sweet voice.
I looked at the girl I love and saw her crying. Her dad leave us two.
"Jane.." "I'm sorry Braden.."
"I deserve to know Jane..So I can be with y---" she cutted me off.
"I can't, I don't want any reason to hate God, Braden. I don't want to hate him for giving me a short span of life... I--" she broke down before finishing her sentence.
"Since I was a Kid, I accepted death, but then.. then I met you.. I'm afraid.. not in dying but not being with you.. I don't want you to throw your life just for me.. "
I walk closer and hugged her.
"I love you Jane"
"I love you too Braden.. please.. promise me.. you'll reach for your dreams and open your heart again.. I love you , I love you so much Braden.. thank-- thank you for loving me... and.. and I--I'm happy dying in your arms."
She kissed me for the last time before she stopped breathing.
Before she died peacefully in my arms.

and still, Jane is the most beautiful flower I loved to see. I am her bee, and she will be my flower eternally

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