Five Card Story: Uncle Joe

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Uncle Joe was always a fun, party loving guy. The night that he opened his tavern on Harrison Street; man oh man, he was singing "I want it that way" by the Backstreet Boys on our old karaoke machine all night long.
Unfortunately, ol' Uncle Joe only could buy that tavern by taking out a loan from a very dangerous man, Tony Romano. Turns out, Joe didn't have enough money at the time, so when uncle Joe told Tony couldn't pay him yet, there was a ton of trouble.
The first time we noticed how bad it was was when uncle Joe was walking down the street, and got jumped by a bunch of Tony's gang member's in an alley. Luckily for him, the damage wasn't too bad, thanks to an old woman coming home from church who saw what was happening, and phoned the police. After that, Uncle Joe got quite frightened, and made sure to take out his earbuds while walking past alleys, so he wouldn't be distracted by the musical genius that is the Backstreet Boys.
Uncle Joe's mama was very annoyed about what was happening to her son, and decided to go talk to Tony herself. She loaded herself with cookies and other home made snacks for Tony and his gang, and went over to his mansion. When she arrived at the gate, Tony himself came out to meet her.
"Why hello there madam," Tony said as he kissed her on the cheek, "Who are you?"
"My name is Constance Periwinkle, but you might know me better as Joe's mama." She said. Having a speech impediment where she cannot pronounce her "S"'s, Tony took what she said as an insult.
"How dare you mention my motha'" Tony exclaimed.
"No, not your mother, Joe's mother"
"Joe? You mean that man who smells of alcohol and owes me $10,000?? He hasn't payed me for months. Speaking of, I have some business to attend to."
Tommy drove away and went directly to the tavern, where he through a molotov through the window.
Uncle Joe Got news a few hours later, and showed up to a line of fire trucks spraying down his tavern. He then used the insurance money to pay back Tony, and everything went back to normal.

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