Five Card Story: On the lam with your friend

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I looked outside from my window, it was sunny but had clouds looming in the sky. Sun beams peeked out like bright spotlights on the ground. Life was hard enough, why did God or whoever had to taunt me with a pretty day like this? I called Red and I asked if she was ready. She was, today was going to be the day we went on the lam. We are on the lam because, well, the grammar nazis at our high school started arresting people who spelt things wrong. They carried dictionaries with them everywhere in the hallways. They got to pass a law where they even got to look at our cell phones and text messages! Red and I taunted them too much and they’re trying to arrest us.
I ran downstairs and walked outside to my front lawn. Red was already on her red crotch rocket bike. All the things we needed were packed into backpacks on our backs. We brought our phones, but they are shut off for now, we need to get farther away from the grammar nazis. I climbed onto my blue crotch rocket and we zoomed away from this crazy grammar nazi town.
As we were driving, we drove down a bridge that was super foggy. It felt like it was haunted! The fog was heavy and thick, we had to stop. We found a gas station and decided to fuel up our bikes. Once we pulled up to the pumps, there was papers signs that said we had to pay first! How absurd! We walked into the store to find an old grouchy man mad dogging us. We asked him about the sign and he just kept ranting about how us younlin’s won’t pay for fuel! We promised him that we would pay but he refused to hear us. We were forced to pay first and thankfully got every drop of the fuel we prepaid for. Once the fog cleared up a little bit, we saw that the gas station was facing a creepy lake with even more creepy trees behind. The old man came running out and started to warn us about the woods. A cult resided there, he said. They were called The Cult of The Old Ones. Red and I shared a confused look. The old ones? Does that mean the greek titan gods? What? We thanked him for the disturbing warnings and drove to the next town, which was very grammar nazi free. I decided just to taunt grammar nazis online……..

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flickr photo credits: (1) Intrepid Flame (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) bionicteaching

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