Five Card Story: The Lady in the Black Coat

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Within the streets of downtown, there was a lady. She appeared to be the reclusive type, nobody knew who she was or where she came from. Everyday in the evenings she would leave her apartment in the brown bricked building for hours. witnesses have said she walked the length of the city wearing a long black coat. Others say she walks to the end of the street just to go back to her building. Nobody did try to stop and talk to her mostly because of the late hour and uneasy aura. Her routine never faulted in years, which is why people seemed put off when they had not seen her in days. No walking down the street or even signs of movement in her building. As time went on people have just forgotten about the lady. It was not until years passed, when the brown brick building was going up for sale, that the lady was thought of again. Her apartment was vacant except for a decayed body laying in the middle of the room. Police tried to start an investigation, but since the body had been sitting for so long, the amount of decay made it impossible to preform an autopsy. Nobody had anything to contribute to their search, No name, no family. Nothing could be said about what happened. She was buried at the cemetery lot, known as The Lady in the Black Coat. People sat at the bench by her grave just wondering. The uncertain part was if it was a homicide. There was no way to know since it had been so long. If she was murdered, there was no motive because she was alone. The thought haunted people. You could die at the hands of somebody else, but that person may never be held accountable and can walk the streets as they please, as did the Lady in the Black Coat.

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