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We have two paths in our lives. First is the path that will help us to have a better life, second is the path that leads to a useless life. We all have the freedom to choose which path we want to take. Most of us when you ask which path they want to take their answer is on the right path where it has a good cause for us. For me, not all the time you have to take the right path, because if you focus on one path you will not experience the beauty of life. You do not want to try anything because you are afraid of making mistakes and disappointing yourself. It's not because you chose the crooked path it doesn’t mean nothing will happen in your life. It's up to you how you handle it. For me it is more fun here, because here you will know your inner strength. On this path many problems will be faced, many disappointments will be experienced. These are the way to make us stronger in life. Let us make this motivation so that we can achieve our goal in life. We enjoyed and at the same time we have learned our resilience in life.

We are not rich, my parents do not have any property that they can inherit to us. Only education they can pass on us. I knew in myself that I am not smart, but that is not a hindrance for me to reach my goals in life. I also know that I am not the type of student who always prioritizes education, they are just balanced in my enjoyment in life. You just need time management. Don’t stress yourself too much when it comes to studying, it may be the cause of your early death. You also need to enjoy to discover new things and making friends with others. I am not as smart as others I also want to graduate to fill my parents' hardships.

We all feel tired, this is one of the requirements to achieve success in life. When you are tired, don’t give up. Keep on fighting! when I feel tired I do not give up, I just rest, I do the things I want first, and when I feel I am fine, I will face the challenges of life again. There are many times when I want to give up. How about my parents and siblings who always there for me, helping me to reach my goals in life. What is my right to surrender? Even though they are tired of life they don’t give up, they continue to support me despite the hardships of life. They continue to fight until I finish my studies. Since I realized all their hardships for me, I removed the word surrender from my vocabulary. I know that all my hardship in return good opportunity when the time comes.

Let us not rush to achieve our success, instead of the good way we get our success, we get it the wrong way. For example, you rush to achieve your success to the point that you are doing something illegal. Let's say you succeeded, but did you work hard? Not right! You did something illegal just to say that you succeeded. But when you wait, you try to achieve your dream nothing is impossible. We reach our dream just like saving money from our piggy bank, even if the process is slow, its success is at the end.
Don’t rush everything. God always has a plan for us.

Before we experience it we will first go through all the trials and tribulations of life. There is no easy way for us to immediately achieve the success we want to achieve. My parents are my inspiration to make life better, they are my strength. I want to be successful because I want them to experience the life they did not experience when they were children. They grew up in poor families, they experienced all the hardships of life. I admire them because even though they lived like that before, they did not let us experience what they had been like before. So even though it is tiring to face life's challenges I will not give up because I want to fill all the sacrifices my parents made for us. When you experience hardship in life do not give up, God only measures our resilience. So that we can achieve the goal in life. We always seek the guidance of the Lord. We will always thank him when we achieve something. To god all praise!

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