Five Card Story: Will you Grow in life or give up?

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Introduction ( pic 1 )- People are born with the same timeline of life. We start out small and we can grow as much as our environment allows us too. Some people aren't able to fight and lose, some people fight and walk through the streets into the field of all the fallen animals.

Picture 2- The sky is the limit, you can grow as much as your environment around you allows, with nothing blocking your way you can tower over everyone and touch the clouds. nothing is in your way

Picture 3- As you continue to grow, some people can't handle the pressures that are placed upon them, they grow as much as they could but they lose their battle and end up resting until they can try to fight again in the future. Reincarnated into someone stronger.

Picture 4 ( counter argument) - Even though not everyone loses the battle, some people are still, able to fight on and walk the lonely streets to get to the golden land that everyone tries to reach. Some people are able to grow and reach the light. The land ahead is worth the struggle of everyday life and that's why so many people fight to get there. giving up when you are already touching clouds doesn't make sense, the only place to go is forward, not down.

Picture 5 ( conclusion ) -
Overall, all the efforts that were made are worth it in the end. Being able to see the green grass full of all your furry friend's pain-free and running around has to bring a smile to your face. Seeing dogs running and cats laying in the sun makes you happy that you kept fighting. dispute all your efforts you can finally relax

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) Serenae (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) bgblogging

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