Five Card Story: The Genius Man

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4th Photo: Sigmund Freud was in the medicine field career. He then worked at the University of Vienna wherein he worked with the leading physiologists of his day. Way back 1882, Freud entered General Hospital in Vienna wherein he became a clinical assistant to train with the psychiatrist Theodor Meynert and the professor of internal medicine Hermann Nothnagel

3rd Photo: His life revolves only on medical field those days. Years after Freud leave Vienna and entered a clinic in Paris. He continue his studies of neuropathology at the Salpêtrière clinic in Paris, where he worked under the guidance of Jean-Martin Charcot. It has been the turning point of Freud because of what Charcot has discovered.

2nd Photo: Charcot discovers and clasifies their findings in the patients as "hysterics" introduce by Freud as possibility that mind might be the source of psychological disorders rather than the brain. They then continue to study about the etiology of the disease.

1st Photo: As soon, Freud decided to abandon the their work of hypnosis and come back to Vienna. Months after his revival on Vienna he got married to Martha Bernays and bear six children, whom became scholars like their father. Their marriage also became the opening on Freuds study on Psychoanalysis because he met Wilhelm Fliess. Throughout the 15 years of their intimacy Fliess provided Freud an invaluable interlocutor for his most daring ideas. Because of plenty ideas implanted on Sigmund's brain he then decided to go back to Paris and met another phsycian and became his partner to achieved the peek of Psychoanalytic theory, Joseph Breuer. In part a result of Freuds own clinical experience with other hysterics, this revolutionary method was announced in the work Freud published jointly with Breuer in 1895, Studien über Hysterie (Studies in Hysteria). They then encourage their patients to open or express their thoughts but they see struggle on patients to open up while they are conscious this is how Freud come up with the study of the Unconscious mind.

5th Photo: His study of the Unconscious mid became popular and until now is being studied not only in the medical field but also to study to understand oneself. Also researches is being conducted about this concern to prove about Freud's theory. He then became "Father of Modern Psychology" and can be seen on any platforms. He indeed is a Genius Man.

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