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David hume was born on April 26, 1711 in Edinburgh, Scotland, britain. Young Home’s father died when he was barely two years old. He was single-handedly raised by his mother. In 1734, Home changed his surname to Hume as Home was little known in England.At the age of 12, Hume attended University of Edinburgh. This was unusual considering the standard age for admission during those days was 14. Hume considered a career in law but found his real calling in philosophy and general learning. As a result, he never graduated.but David hume Inspired by the new thought, Hume spent more than 10 years reading and writing on the subject. He reached a stage wherein he was on the verge of mental breakdown. Just as when he decided to come out of his shell and have an active social, Hume was afflicted with a ravenous appetite and palpitations of the heart. It took him some time to become sturdy and robust. also david hume had a quote that said "Be a philosopher; but, amidst all your philosophy, be still a man.'Hume was appointed Under-Secretary of State for the Northern Department. Here, he wrote that he was given "all the secrets of the Kingdom". In 1769 he returned to James' Court in Edinburgh, where he would live from 1771 until his death in 1776.David hume died on August 25 1776 at the age of 65

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