Five Card Story: Technology should be limited 2

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Pic 1: Our society relies too much on technology
Technology has taken over most of society's lives by always being on some kind of technological device.

Pic 2: With technology there is a whole new way of communication. Being able to connect to each other without being there in person was a huge step in modern technology. New technology, many good resources and tools have come from that, such as modern science and mostly education.

Pic 3:With technology, that does not promote kids to go outside and have fun. Children have resorted to sitting inside and play video games than go play catch.

Pic 4: Technology also does not help the younger society because they are losing key human communication skills which negatively effecting kids because it will be harder to make friends.

Pic 5: Technology distracts us from the real world, which can negatively effect everything in life. Having real experiences rather than artificial realities is what the meaning of life is, that is why technology should be limited.

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flickr photo credits: (1) krutscjo (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) bionicteaching

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