Five Card Story: The Concert

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Erik had been waiting all night to go to this concert. He was sweating with excitement, as gross as that sounds. He had learned about the band Iron Maiden when he was only in elementary. He was at recess and had seen something shimmering in the road. He had gone to see what it was, and to his surprise, it was a cassette tape. It read “Iron Maiden”, but he didn't know what that meant, so he took it home. He put it in the player and listened, this would lead to his love for rock music. His mom said it was,”The devil's music” but he didn't listen, because after all, she’d said the same about his favorite cartoon, He-Man. He had walked up to the entry booth, and the man took his ticket, handed him his seat number, and stamped his hand, making an inky thumbs up on his hand. There was graffiti all over the stadium, and it just seemed as if it was meant to be there. He was so excited, but something was missing, his band. Him and his friends had made a band, called “Cryptic Rights”, and they were his best friends. They hadn’t arrived yet, so he went to the payphone, and dialled up his friend zeph. He said he'd be there in a bit, and so did all the other members. Soon, the show had started, yet, they were nowhere to be seen. The band played their most popular song, and fans screeched. They had all started a mosh pit, and went insane. People started throwing bottles of beer, and other objects. Erik left to go to the bathroom, until a bottle flew past his head, and slammed into a door, smashing the glass. He had returned to the pay phone, and his pals said to meet him in the alley by the stadium. He walked down the long dark alley till he saw a light at the end of it. When he'd finally made it to the light, it was his pals, and they were all smiling. He asked what was up, and they said that next week, they would be opening up for KISS. It was a lifelong dream come true.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) Serenae

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