Five Card Story: Our Consciousness

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Our consciousness sits in our minds. Without it, we feel dumb, a person whose ignorant. Being a boy was my first personal identify. Being aware of my gender thought me about my responsibilities, my choices and my actions reflecting to my boyhood. As time goes by, my consciousness brings me closer to the environment. Seeing the nature gave me a reason to think that earth is nothing without it. As I get to step into reality, being aware of your status in life was an asset on your future. I was aware that we're not that rich thus, I'm conscious about spending money. Ah food, the fuel of the body, without it, we wouldn't survive. A fuel for the mind to think and to analyse. Being conscious about your faith is crucial. I have my own perspective in life. I believe in God, and I'm aware that He is present around us.

Relating my life to the perception of John Locke about personality is a reality that we believe in, our consciousness is what makes us moving, think and conceptualize things. Without consciousness, we would be like an empty bottle without water of knowledge.

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