Five Card Story: Understanding the Self

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Self perspective will be compramized by factors and forces. As shown in the storyboard, the first picture shows a man, which means self perspective depends on the gender. Gender affects almost everything, from your role into how you understand your function as a person. Second pictures let's you understand on things. Knowledge is quite a big force in your self perspective. It's how your point of view will determine on what will sink on your self. For instance, the picture may just look like a tree, but if your knowledge is deeper, you can say it symbolizes nature. Third picture pertains to your status of life. The way you look at yourself will also depend on what situation are you in. The way rich people look at things is very different on poor people's perspective. Fourth is food, in my opinion, food may or may not be accountable in affecting one's perspective. Food symbolizes sustainable. Some people eat for them to survive, and some people eat just because their bored. It varies from different people and depending also in their status in living. Last picture shows a church which symbolizes faith or religion. For me, this is one of the biggest factors that affect the self perspective. It looks upon their belief and faith and will reflect on their deeds and actions.

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