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1) As we all know, most of us we're already attached to what we have right now and we tend to forget the things that benefit us in the past. We easily throw our old belongings without valuing its worth because we already have a new and improved things (technologies).

2) As we can see, the population is getting bigger and bigger. It is becoming modernized society. We often forget our own cultures and follow others. We follow the trends without thinking that we shouldn't.

3) Sometimes, we choose the wrong path, the path that is new to us, without realizing that, the path we choose to enter is the one that can change our way of thinking. Even if the journey is difficult and there's more hardships to encounter, but you can learn from it.

4) We act blind even if we know what is the right thing to do. We are derived from our desires and not from what we really need in our everyday lives.

5) Our own culture is there, why we don't give value for that? There is so much opportunities that we can have if we only know how to do such things to minimize the environmental impacts of throwing away our own culture. To make our world a better place to live in, we should acknowledge our problems and we should think of a way to solve it. We should implement our good ideas to make a better results in the end. We need to accept that not all the time, we are doing right. We need to consider other people's opinion to build a better connection.

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