Five Card Story: Animal Control

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I sat still, slowly taking small sips of my hot chocolate. The bitter sweet taste expanding across my tongue. Before I knew it, the last bit of my hot drink reached my mouth. I sat up out of a comfy chair, recycled the cup and pushed the exit door open. The evening air wafted in my face. As I stepped into the street, the bright sunlight burned my neck and stung my eyes. I blinked, and started down the road. I fowled the road for about a quarter of a mile and branched off on to a small trail that reached as far as I could see. I kept walking until I came upon my destination. I glanced at the lake that I had come to. I glanced at the note my sister wrote me. It pacifically said to meet here at time time of day. I glanced around and finally spotted her, perched over her baby kittens. I took in the surroundings. Finding that there were no people, I shifted into my true form. I stride over to my sister full cat now. I sit beside her as we talk the night away.

The clouds had a slight shade of orange when we finally finished talking. The wind blew in my face as I took a breath in. My sister sat up and thanked my for taking up the duty of looking after her kittens for the one night she was gone on a mission to receive an important file that the dogs recently stole. She strolled up a hill shifting into her human form. Her long orang hair wiped in the wind as she disappeared over the hill. I wondered up the hill behind her, the kittens tumbling over each other behind me I watched her accompany a large black cat that puffed into a tall man with get black hair. They both stumbled into a truck. As they turned the corner I got a glimpse of the writing on the side. "Animal Control". I laughed to myself, as the truck disappeared in the glow of the sunset.

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flickr photo credits: (1) lnboz (2) bionicteaching (3) Serenae (4) recommendgroup9 (5) bionicteaching

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