Five Card Story: My dream

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a Five Card Flickr story by Kaylee P created Nov 20 2020, 10:41:29 pm. Create a new one!

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Once upon a time, I was on the road going to Chicago. I was very bored. Then all of a sudden, there was a huge frog in the middle of the road and it had something in his mouth. It looked like a stick with moss on it. The car stopped and I got out. I looked around me, there were people getting out o their stopped cars and had open jaws, watching the monster. I ran towards the frog and stopped right in front of it's big belly. I jumped on the belly and started to crawl all the way to it's shoulder. I yelled the loudest yell I ever did yell. "Hey, Bully, don't block the road. GO away, go away!!!!" The frog had angry eyes now. He grabbed me and put me on the road. He took the other hand and grabbed the stick that was in his mouth. He swayed that stick and was saying something, like gibberish. Then, he stopped swaying the stick and touched me on the head gently with the stick. My body started to tingle. Then, it started to glow. The next thing I knew was I saw a big castle. The castle was huge and I was alone. I was also outside without a huge toad, the cars, and the people looking at the frog. It was cold and it was snowing so that didn't help, warm me up. I walked around castle, trying to keep warm. Locked behind a by a tall, black, metal fence. Then I heard someone say my name. "Kaylee. Kaylee. Kaylee. Kaylee." Every time they said my name, it became louder and louder. Then all of a sudden, I just woke up. I was in the car. My sister was looking at me like I played with her favorite stuffed animal. "You fell asleep, when you agreed to play with me!" "I did?" I asked. "Yeah!" "Let's play big sis." "Ok," I answered back. I looked outside for the last time to make sure there wasn't a giant frog in the road. The road was filled with cars. I looked to the side and saw a little girl playing in the sand. I rubbed my eyes and looked back, no little girl. I think I just need to sleep more.

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