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It was Tommy's first day of 4th grade at High Top Elementary. He was trying to enjoy his day with his new friend while they took pictures and played at recess. However, he deeply missed his younger brother Jack, whom he'd spent every day with over the summer. They had become best friends.

Luckily, after recess, Tommy's mother came to school with a surprise. Since it was Tommy's birthday the next day, his mom wanted to drop off a birthday treat for the class. Little did Tommy know that his mother had brought little Jack along with her. After filling out their visitor passes, Jack and Mommy were on their way to Tommy's classroom!

Tommy was ecstatic to see Jack! His grin reached from ear to ear and he gave him the biggest bear hug. Jack was beaming and loving all of the attention. Soon after dropping off the birthday treat, Jack and Mommy left the school only to find out that it had started raining outside. Jack was sad at first, but Mommy picked him up and said "look Jack, there's a rainbow!"

And from that day forward, each family member would think of one another every time they saw a rainbow.

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