Five Card Story: Mental Case

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Exposition: Today marked the first anniversary of her husband's tragic passing. Miley husband was a psychiatrist at an mental asylum and he was killed by one of his patients during a one of his sessions. Miley went to his grave and put down fresh flowers. She talked to him in spirit for awhile, said a couple of prayers then went home to make dinner.

Rising Action: As Miley was making dinner she heard a noise in the next room. Miley turned downed her music to take closer listen. She listened for a couple minutes then she noticed her soup was boiling over. She continued to cook and then her dog started growling. Miley looked down at her dog and noticed that her dog was looking at the doorway behind her. When Miley turned around her heart dropped to her stomach.

Climax: As her dog continued to aggressively growling at this figure standing in the door. Miley was scared into shock because she was looking at the man who killed her husband! Miley asked him "What does he want?" and he just starred at her with a blank face. She saw her cell phone near the stove and reached for it but the man took a step near her causing her to hesitate to grab her phone. She was facing a life or death situation.

Falling Action: As Miley was trying to figure out her option it dawned on her the dog she adopted after her husband passed was a certified military trained attack dog. Miley formulated her plan in her mind acted on it. She gave the command for her dog to attack and snatched her phone from the stove and then barricaded herself in her room and called the police.

Resolution: When the police arrived they confirmed that the man did recently escape from the asylum a few days prior. When she asked the police how did he know where to find her, they told Miley he shouldn't have known but the house she was living in was a house he killed his adoptive parents and siblings in when he was a young teenager. Miley was instantly got chills down throughout her body. A day later the police confirm that they found the man in a neighboring town at a festival. He was hiding out in the fun house. The police arrested the man and brought him back to the asylum under maximum security. Miley and her dog moved out of that house to another town.

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