Five Card Story: Pizza and Birthday Party!

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I got a text message from my friend about them hosting a pizza party and birthday party while I was watching a Jeopardy game show. I proceeded to finish up the episode of Jeopardy I was binge watching and went to my car. The sun was setting on this highway, causing the sky to turn vibrant colors. I arrived at my friends place and the immediate smell of pizza overwhelmed my senses. I haven’t had a good pizza in a long time. I immediately stopped when I noticed it had basil leaves on it. I’ve never been a fan of leafy plants. I asked my friend what made them decide to have leafy plants on it. They decided plants would be a good idea to promote “healthy” eating. I do not know how having pizza is a part of healthy eating. Luckily they made a pizza that didn’t have some plants on it so I had a slice of cheese pizza. I bit into the pizza which just came out of the oven and it burned my mouth. Ouch. Eventually the rest of the party activities started. We were celebrating my friend’s birthday. They turned 30. After the pizza we had cake. I personally wish we were told cake would be coming because I ate an entire pizza without realizing we would be having some nice gooey chocolate cake. The festivities died down and we were free to leave whenever. I enjoyed the experience, even if I had to almost have basil leaf pizza. Cheese pizza is better,in my opinion, than any other kind of pizza.

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