Five Card Story: Into the Unknown

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I never knew what it would be like to be on my own. Although, last summer that all changed. I lived in a beautiful white house in the middle of nowhere with my mother. Nothing too big, nothing too small. It was perfect.
On this hot summer day, I was driving home in my red car when I saw strange men driving past me which was unusual because we lived in the middle of nowhere. When I got into my house, I was not greeted by my mom as usual. I walked up to her room to see if she had fallen asleep but she was not there.
I went outside to call the police to file a report. I explained to them the situation and I included the men I had seen previously. They asked what she looked like and I told them that she has: bright strawberry blonde hair, beautiful dark blue eyes, weighs about 145 and is about 5’4. They began searching.
After I got off the phone with the police, I had seen my dog run to the woods behind us. She was whining and barking which was unusual. I followed her over by the woods when I saw one of my moms shoe. My dog and I went into the woods screaming her name hoping she would somehow hear us. This lasted for at least 9 hours and we ended falling asleep in the middle of nowhere.
The next morning we searched some more to find another pair of my moms shoe, this showed that we were headed in the right direction.
I was exhausted, petrified, broken.
I sat down as my dog cuddled next to me than I saw a pink flower in the middle of weeds. I walked up to it and it started glowing. It whispered to me. I leaned closer and it said
“Your mother is okay. Just believe. Have faith. Keep moving forward.” So I started walking again.
When finally, we reached a dead end. We were surrounded by unique flowers and a house with vines all around it. I ran to the house to see my mom watering the flowers. I asked her what happened and she explained
“I come here almost every weekend to get away. I have found this house that I want to give to you. I was getting the rest of it ready but it took longer than expected. I am so sorry for scaring you.”
I asked her about the strange men I saw and she explained that they were helping her furnace the house.

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