Five Card Story: Abandoned basketball

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Abandoned Basketball

Back in 1990 a group of friends that lived in Ukraine were riding their bikes along the highway and everytime a car passed them they would blow over. They got off the highway at exit 176. This exit was very run down and looked abandoned, there would be a slight breeze and the trash would blow across the road.They continued straight for some time as they were biking through dust storms until they came across an abandoned fair.
The piece of land was run over by dead weeds and rusty pieces of metal.The bikes were dropped in the weeds and they began to explore.The first place they went was the ferris wheel. All of the cabins were rusty and had holes in them. After a while they discovered there was a river going through the property. They noticed in the river there was big voluptuous brown trout. They left the bank of the river and stumbled across a set of basketball hoops but there were no balls to play with so they had an idea, they were gonna catch fish and play with them.
To catch the fish they found old rusty pieces of sharp metal from the mary go round that had fallen apart.When the 3 friends walked back to the river the fish were gone. They couldn't find the fish for 15 minutes just to find out they were hiding under a fallen down tree. 3 fish were killed in the making of this game. The game was 1s and 2s first to 11. The fish would be shot up in the air, hit the rim and go in and flop on the ground and leave a slimy inprint.After a while they were done playing they went to pick up their bikes and bike back home before it was dark. The boys still don't know to this day but they were in chernobyl.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) katerha (4) bionicteaching (5) bionicteaching

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