Five Card Story: Clouds

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It was cold, colder than usual he thought as he woke up with his heavy eyes. Weird his parents usually woke him up during the weekdays for his job but he just shook it off thinking they went to work and forgot to wake him. He looked at the clock as he stood up “I’m late!” he jumped out of the bed, got dressed and checked the weather “Oh good It’s sunny, I can bike to work.” He sighed in relief. He couldn’t drive because his car battery had died the week before and He couldn’t afford a new one. He jumped out of the garage and started biking while looking around. It was dark and cloudy with almost no sun shining through the dense clouds “I thought it was sunny?” he thought questioning if he read it wrong. He arrived at work and noticed the doors were locked as if no one came in this morning. “Must of forgot I guess.” he shrugged it off and unlocked it with his key. He headed toward the secretary’s desk and rang the bell to sign in for work “Where is he?” Annoyed, he just grabbed the sheet from under the desk and signed it. Then headed towards his office and noticed all his stuff was gone from his office room, he went out and then finally noticed no one was in the other offices and all their stuff was gone. “What? Where is everyone!” He looked around all the offices. He slammed the doors open and yelled out “Hello!? Is anyone at all here!” He looked around going toward the church tower looking out at the entire town. He got to the top and noticed something, the ocean wasn’t moving. He ran toward the ocean and curiously tried to step into it. The ocean was solid like ice but it wasn’t, It was just still as if time had frozen. He ran and saw a tree in the distance standing on the water as if it were soil. When got to it he saw a singular pear hanging from the tree. Noticing it, he grabbed it and tried to eat it but a big gust of wind threw it back onto the tree branch. He looked at it in horror as it tied itself back to the tree by the stem. “Who are you! What..What are you!” He said with no reply. For years and years he kept trying to eat the pear as each and every attempt was a failure. This repeated and repeated a never ending cycle of an never-aging man trying to eat a never-aging pear which he thought was the way to his world.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) Serenae (3) Serenae (4) bionicteaching (5) tuchodi

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