Five Card Story: a unexpected bestfriend

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Five card story
My dad and I got up super early. We wanted to get out on the mountain before it was too hot. We hiked about 2 miles. The mountain was beautiful, it had this red orange glow against the rocks. The sun hit the mountain perfectly. The air smelled refreshing compared to the air at the bottom of the mountain. My dad noticed some clouds moving over the mountain line. “We better get moving before we get stuck in the rain.” my dad said firmly. We worked our way down the mountain, we got halfway down before I felt the first raindrop hit my face. Not even seconds later the rain is pouring down drenching us. We hid under a big tree and waited for the rain to stop. I have always loved the rain. The smell is the best part. The rain makes me feel relaxed. As the raindrop fell and hit the ground I looked over and saw the raindrops rolling down the leaves. It made me feel at peace, like nothing could hurt me. The rain started to slow down and my dad and I countinued down the mountian. We came past this little shed that looked abandoned. We went up to it so we could look inside. We were looking around but we heard a little rattle between the beat up cardboard boxes. We slowly move over towards the boxes. We grab anything that is long by us to move the boxes out of the way. We shove the boxes out of the way just to see a brown,white, and black dog. The dog was shaking. He must have been scared from the storm. He looks like he hasnt had a bath in a while. My dad and I took the dog down the mountain and we decided to take it home and clean him up. He was super sweet and cuddly. I know we could be best friends! I asked my dad if I could keep him and he said yes! I have always wanted a dog and now I have the best buddy anyone could ask for.

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flickr photo credits: (1) cogdogblog (2) bionicteaching (3) Intrepidteacher (4) bionicteaching (5) lesliemb

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