Five Card Story: the child

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Throughout time a lot of kids would end up sick or missing and the few kids who did get sick would end up dead. It was really hard for parents to understand why the kids would go to school but not come back. Nobody really knew or could even process the fact that they would just be gone. One day a little boy named Dylan went missing and his dad was so worried that he went missing. He wanted to find him so badly that he started to do research. The school would not say anything about the cameras so he decided to get a job as a janter so that he would be able to break into the school and look to see where his son was last. After he finally got the job he went in late at night and decided to look at the cameras. He found out all the kids that went missing got into a busy kids only factor where they tested kids with medicine. He decided to do an extra reasher to figure out where exactly they are. The more research he did he found out exactly where the testing factory was. He found out that they test them with illegal drugs and things that can be used very badly. He went to the factory and found Dylan dead. Dylan's dad was heartbroken and knew what he needed to do. He told the cops and FBI about where the factory was. All the families were heart broken and didn't understand why or how other people would ever wanna hurt people especially kids. Why would you ever wanna test drugs on kids when you know the outcome. All the kids had to be put in one section of the cemetery so that it could be part of history all though it wasnt the good part of history it still was history.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) Intrepidteacher (3) dwtno (4) Intrepidteacher (5) Serenae

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