Five Card Story: Zombies

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Beep beep beep. A security camera zone alert went off. Hunter never liked his job, watching the perimeter was always a dangerous job, before the zombies came, and more so now. Raiders never helped.
“All right, I guess I’ve gotta go check this out. I don’t get enough rations for this,” Hunter said to himself.
He pulled his bow and arrow off of the wall and walked outside to where the perimeter alert went off.
“Hello?” Hunter said. He heard no response. Suddenly, he was surrounded at all angles by zombies “imposible, no sound at all?!?” Screamed a now frightened hunter.
He shot his bow at several of the zombies, but they caught the arrows. Hunter proceeded to attempt to climb the wall behind him, and he barely outran the zombies.
“These zombies were different from other zombies, they seemed to have an intellect, other zombies lumbered around aimlessly. These ones were faster, and quieter. They have learned how to get the jump on people” Hunter thought, “They must be eliminated.”
In the distance the hunter heard a loud roar, the building shook with the force of the shockwave in the distance. Hunter fell into the hoard of zombies, “NO!” he screamed, and he was infected.

“Hunter, what’s your condition?” Said the guard. “He’s not responding sir, this isn’t normal. He’s normally quick and sarcastic. I wonder if that roar in the distance has anything to do with it?”
“Send in task force 6, or what is left of them anyways” Said council member O5-13, further known as connor. “We need to thin the zombies, how can we contend with other powerful entities if we can’t even fight the mesly zombies? We’ve lost more than 5 of our remaining 1,000 People.”
Guard, “I don’t know sir. We just need to continue on.”
Connor “any word on task force 2?”
Guard, “wiped out by one of the council of those who remain.”
Connor, “I thought we wiped them all out? How did they survive? Perhaps they used a spell in order to prevent their extinction. Further research is required.”
Task force 6 approached the post where Hunter was lost. The current members of the task force were on edge, Hunter was one of the stronger members of the post watchers. He may have used a bow and arrow, but he was very accurate and efficient with that bow.
“Heads up, look out for zombies and other anomalous beings” said the leader. The other three nodded and they continued forward. In the distance they heard a moan. A hoard of several hundred zombies lumbering towards them. They were loud, but there seemed to be something unusual about them. Some of them looked like they were leading the other ones, or were curalling other ones towards the town.
“Tim we have a problem, there are a lot more undead than we can handle and some seem to be smarter than the others”, The leader said into his walkie talkie.
“Connor, we have an issue. There are a lot of undead outside of post 11, and some seem to be smarter.”
“Ask if they think that we can handle them if we send in more people to attack the hoard”, Connor replied.
“Can we handle them if we send in more resources? Connor, they think we couldn’t get the people there fast enough” Tim said.
“Tell them to try to hold back the zombies until either they need to retreat, or we get them more people there.” Connor said, as he began to walk to the other side of the room.
“Ok, I will. What are you going to do sir? The door is the other way.”
“I’m going to help them. I have a suit of powerful armor from another world. I should be able to help them until we can get the reinforcements out there.”
Connor pushed a button on the wall and a door opened. He walked through a hall of relics from another era, another world. As he came to the suit, he noted that it radiated a dark aura, it was unnatural. Normally the suit has an aura of light, but perhaps it could sense that it was about to help in a fight against powerful foes. As Connor stepped into the suit it changed size so that it was only a little taller than a normal person. Connor picked up and powered up a sword of pure blue chaotic primal energy in one hand, and picked up a shield made of pure adamantine in the other hand. If he was going to hold back the hoard he was going to do it right.
To be continued

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