Five Card Story: The Bike Ride Back

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a Five Card Flickr story by Hailey G created Aug 18 2021, 07:29:00 pm. Create a new one!

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It was fall of last year, and I was on my way home after school. I was riding my bike to my friend's house when I noticed something in the distance. I saw this old black cat. But, this wasn’t just your average cat, something about it caught my eye and stood out to me.
Once it caught my attention it turned away and started running towards the direction of this big building. Out of curiosity I decided to follow it. I knew in the back of my mind I probably shouldn't have considering it was going to get dark soon.
I noticed it appeared to be running in the same direction of the way I take to her house anyways. If i'm being completely honest i was pretty bored so i didn't mind taking a different route to her house.
The old cat ended up leading me to this huge building with a pointy roof. It looked like it was a pretty old building. I'm surprised I have never seen this building before. I swear I took this way back to her house before. I guess I just never just really noticed it.
Even though it was an old building it was beautiful. After I finished observing its beauty I took a look behind me and all of a sudden the cat had vanished. I wanted to go in and explore this new building but it was locked. I can't even lie, a part of me was scared to go in it. I realized it's already dark so I quickly headed back to my friend's place.
It was the next day of school and I'm still thinking about that building. I'm a little weird out though because I can't see it in the distance. I rode my back to the exact spot it should have been but I couldn't find a sign of it anywhere. I kept going there every day after school and still can't find it to this day. I still don't understand it completely, but now I look at everything, even the little things you see everyday and I see and appreciate the beauty in them. I'm not so obvious now, now I actually try to pay attention to my surroundings because you never realize what's around you until it's gone.

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