Five Card Story: The Tunnel

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The Tunnel
By: Lily Umpleby

On a dark and stormy night Bella was leaving work. She just got off her shift when the weather started getting bad. As she was walking to her car the crisp cold wind blew in her face making her shiver. Bella only had a light jacket and skinny jeans. Well she quickened her pace to her car that was parked at the far end of the parking lot. She could feel someone's eyes on her as she wiped her head around and saw no one. Bella wondered if she was just paranoid because she was alone in the dark. When Bella finally reaches her car with a sigh of relief she starts her car. When she started driving home it started to rain hard. She listened to the pitter patter of the rain, She could see someone following her. Bella took a detour to make sure she was right about the car but as she turned into the alley way her car broke down. She then realized she was in deep trouble Bella knew that her car was older and it would break down. She never believed it would be one of the worst times to stop. Bella quickly glanced in her mirror as she saw two people get out of their car. She looked around for anything to protect herself with. Bella with fear realized she had nothing so she got out of the car. As she glanced back and ran for her life the two people took off after her as well. She noticed this crack in the wall that was high up but looked like it was leading to something. As she ran the wind blew her hair back and the rain hit her face and the lighting crashed making her run faster. When Bella looked ahead she noticed that there was an end to the crack path but the end led to stair. If she was not paying attention she would have not seen them as they were hidden in the wall. She quickly made sure they would not see her run down the stairs. Bella then made a dash for the stairs. Bella flew down the stairs as fast as lighting. Well she hid at the bottom Belle could hear the footsteps run past, she then realized she was safe for now. The main problem was where she was. She knew she could not go back as the people's car was blocking her car's way out. Bella started walking down the path. She tried to catch her breath. She looked around, noting she was underground hiding from the storm. When she got farther down the path she saw many rows upon rows of small drawers with words on them but they were too worn down to read. After a long walk she saw a light down the hall and she quickened her pace to see what it was. It was a field of flowers and it was the meadow close to her house. The storm had stopped while she was in the tunnel and the sun started to come out. Bella realized that tunnel was the one she played in as a kid that was abandoned a long time ago. She never knew what it was but now it was the tunnel that saved her life. She laid down in the flowers letting the sun warm her cold skin and she smiled.

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