Five Card Story: I Am Secretly a Mermaid

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In a town called Reen, California there was a girl strolling on the shore of a beach. She loved the noise of the ocean echoing in her ear drums. She felt the sand pressing against her feet and digging into the sand with her feet. By the bathrooms a guy was skateboarding, probably listening to some music. The music was clear enough to hear from a block away. It was country music with a little bit of beat to it.

The little girl’s name was Ariel, named after the Disney princess. When Ariel was two years old she dreamed of becoming a mermaid swimming in the ocean with her iridescent tail. Ariel is 10 years old and has a sister who is 6 years old. Her sister’s name is Ella from the iconic movie, Cinderella. Ella loves to clean the house and dress up on any occasion. Ariel’s dad’s name is Jack and her mom’s name is Beth. Her dad is a protective dad and happy even if Chick Fil A messes up his order. Her mom is a gorgeous lady and has perfect white teeth. Beth’s teeth are almost the color of a new piece of paper you would receive out of a printer.

Ariel walked away from the beach and through the towering bamboo trees to travel to her house. Her house is right on the coast with beautiful sunsets every night. On the way to the bamboo trees she saw a sea urchin. She freaked out, but walked away. The next day she went outside to water her purple flowers. She doesn’t know what type of flowers it is, but Ella knows. A part of Ariel’s morning routine is to search up a recipe for turning into a mermaid. This time she tried a green smoothie and gagged immediately. Ariel was waiting patiently for the result, but nothing happened.
Then, there was this recipe where you mix salt and water. The website reviews stated, “It totally works and it’s a game changer. TRY IT NOW!!!” She questioned,” I guess I will give it a try.” Ariel looked on the website and scrolled further down the page to find some more reviews. There were a couple comments that said that the recipe was a scam and the rest of the comments were positive reports. She sarcastically remarked, “I bet it will work. Right?” Ariel mixed the water and salt and gagged again. Afterwards, Ariel felt a weird tingling sensation on her legs. “It might have been my goosebumps from this freezing cold room.” Then something happened that Ariel couldn't comprehend.

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