Five Card Story: Amelia Taylor

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The Story of with Reason

Roses are red that remind us of the origin of life. It is a reason in life´s and it's how the world made roses to smell, I think roses have a colorful history. Roses is the masterpiece of all the flowers as it emits beautiful positive feelings. There are so many trees that have leaves. It's very important for the trees to provide the food for the whole tree. The woman was smiling because she was so brave to stand up for herself to show that she can and show the reason in life. I think she enjoy being the lifes with roses and trees. There she will see her favorite places to see the clock time because they are so big and tall. She loves going there eating her ice cream by herself in the world to enjoy the roses of smell by the church clock. The sound of the church bell and the time. Every Time the moth comes around and hides in the lights but somehow the moth decides to land on her shoulder. She decided to let the moth stay with her while she was looking at the clock church. She enjoys having some company on her shoulder, sometimes she wonders if it's a butterfly or a moth. She didn't care at all unless it wasn´t killing her. It reminds her like someone is with her by her side. There were times she lost stuff that reminded her of the world. There are some times how she feels in the world feeling unemotional like the moth wonder around the world.The moth decided to leave to land to be on wood and fly everywhere to find some flower while feeding their nectar.

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