Five Card Story: Lost Appreciation: Art and Society

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Introduction (Pic 1):
People need to spend more time appreciating art because it's a major part of history and it helps define where we've come as a species.

(Pic 2):
Art is a part of everything, even a photo of a magical-looking sunset is art. People should spend more time looking at the beautiful world we inhabit because it emulsifies real feelings of inspiration, and takes people's attention away from the grip that technology has over us.

Counter Argument (Pic 3):
People are so often wrapped up in their daily lives with their work, school, family, or social life that they fail to take a moment and appreciate what's around them. Succumbing to this mundane lifestyle and never taking time to appreciate art or the beauty around us will leave you feeling empty. Thus, taking more time to appreciate these things will help you live a more fulfilling life.

(Pic 4)
Though life may seem overwhelming at times, the door is never closed to finding new opportunities to bring yourself joy. Appreciating the art in everything, even something as seemingly menial as the color of a vintage door can help brighten your day.

Conclusion (Pic 5) Living through life and just going through the motions facilitates unfulfilling feelings that will stick with you until you die. Finding appreciation for the beauty in life through art and simple everyday moments lets you reflect and understand your place in this beautiful world. We may conclude that people should take more time to look at art, and appreciate the world around them.

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