Five Card Story: Rene Descartes and Francine.

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The Discourse on Method recently released by Rene Descartes is a testament to a great work done by the father of modern western philosophy, however through the windows of his home in Deventer, is a little girl named Francisca, a secret child from his maid and lover, Helena.
written on records, Francine is Descartes’s niece, ashamed maybe of this secret that he has a child out of wedlock and from a woman of lowly status, what no one can take away is the love he holds for his dear daughter, doting as any father ever can be, he made a doll named after her.
Descartes was all but ready to let her daughter learn and travel together as a family when tragedy strike, scarlet fever took away Francine’s life, grief greyed out his once his lively home but it spurred Descartes to build an animatronic effigy in her daughter’s likeness, and became a turning point for Descartes to find a quest for the universal answer.

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