Five Card Story: Christmas 1999

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This is a story about the worst Christmas that has ever happened to a living kid in the history of human life on this planet. No lie. The year was 1999 and I woke up early so I could steal all of the candy out of my siblings stockings before their lazy butts could get downstairs. Despite getting into some mischief that year (putting a tack on my teacher's chair, prank calling my elderly neighbor in the middle of the night, drinking so much Mountain Dew my skin began to turn a shade of yellow) I still expected the fictitious man in red to come through with the presents. To my disbelief, THERE WERE NO PRESENTS UNDER THE TREE. Instead there were envelopes sticking out of our stockings with our names on them. I was furious because I specifically asked for a copy of Titanic on VHS that came as a 2 BOX set. I could feel my jaw tightening and I stuck out my tongue to relax it. The envelopes were sealed so there was nothing to do but wait. When my family finally came down, we were told to take our envelopes and get into the family van, we were going on a trip! There were suitcases already loaded in the back. My mom told us we were headed to the airport, that we were going to visit the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH. Perhaps Santa (*cough* my parents) weren't so lame after all. I've seen this in the movies... we were definitely GOING TO DISNEY! Rad! I was going to ride every. single. ride. until I threw up. We handed the envelopes over at the ticket counter and got on the plane. I had a window seat and waved goodbye through the little window to the man who had loaded our luggage. Smell ya later suckaaaaa, I'm going to DISNEY. He didn't look. Oh well. We pushed back from the gate and the loudspeaker boomed, "Merry Christmas, this is your captain speaking. Clear skies and smooth sailing ahead. Sit back and relax, we'll have you on the ground in Grand Rapids Michigan in no time at all." Panicked, I told my mom we were on the wrong flight. This plane wasn't headed to Florida, we needed to get off before it was too late. Instead of sweating and shaking like me, she just smiled back. "What do you mean sweetie? Of course we're on the right plane." Grandma picked us up from the airport that afternoon, thrilled to treat us to her "world famous" vegetable soup which is more like barf in a bucket. And that's how I first developed trust issues.

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