Five Card Story: Finding My Way

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a Five Card Flickr story by Amanda Woodyard created Jun 04 2022, 01:07:14 am. Create a new one!

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"Won't you be 70 anyway?" This is a conversation I overheard at a conference between two people standing nearby. The lady wanted to pursue a doctorate degree but she felt when she finished the program she would be at least 70 years old. Way too old in her opinion. Her colleague's response confirmed that she would be 70 anyway, whether she got her doctorate or not, so why not go for it. I was meant to eavesdrop on that conversation over 10 years ago. It stayed in my memory bank as I raised my family and committed to the military lifestyle. When the time was right, I sat down and focused on what this journey would look like at this point in my life, and then I committed to getting a doctorate degree. At times, I have felt adrift during the process, too far out to swim back or swim forward. I have also hit the brick wall a few times. Fortunately, at this point, I feel empowered that I have been able to get this far. I have met my own personal goals. Before it was if I complete the program. Now it is When I complete this program. I will exit right feeling grateful and accomplished well before the age of 70 and also knowing age has nothing to do with finding your way.

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