Five Card Story: Be a Good Person

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1. Be a good person! No one wants to step outside and step on dog poop that's not even from their dog. Take the extra step and go out of your way to do good things for others.

2. A good person often obeys the law, they stop at red lights and stop signs, yield for pedestrians, and are courteous when on the road. A good person knows the law and follows it, knowing the consequences if they don't.

3. If you aren't a good person, you could end up like this guy. Homeless, alone on the street asking others for money, and playing a guitar that you found in the trash. Being a good and kind person leads you to a lifetime of happiness and success.

4. If you decide to be a bad person, you will be met with the police. Depending on the thing you did, you could even end up in jail. Someone that is good at heart, as I said, knows these laws and follows them, because there is trouble when it comes to breaking the law.

5. Living a life of being a good overall person leads you to a future of happiness. It can depend on your future, your family, and sometimes both.

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