Five Card Story: Charlie and the Seagulls

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On the beachside where a little boy Charlie and his dad lived, often came a flock of seagulls.
As day breaks and all through the rest of day, the beach gets filled with seagulls of all different sizes and color patterns.
Charlie loved to play with them. He and his dad would feed the seagulls all day with smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts.
And when evening came, the seagulls would drift back to wherever they came from like dandelion seeds drifting in the wind.
One day, Charlie asked his dad, "Where do the seagulls go?" and his dad answered, "I don't know but we can always find out Charlie."
So, Charlie and his dad went on a seagull-finding adventure with his dad's motorcycle. They drove behind the seagulls for miles and miles with the calm wind blowing through their hairs. Until they came upon an arrow directing them to go back. They began to ponder why such an arrow was placed here.
Then they realized that stopping to look at the arrow caused them lose track of the seagulls. Charlie was disappointed.
"Don't frown Charlie," his dad said. "There will always be tomorrow."
And so, Charlie and his dad turned back just as the arrow had instructed and went back to the warmth of their home sweet home with hope for another adventure tomorrow.

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