Five Card Story: A Treasured Album: Wedding Day

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A Treasured Album: Wedding Day
My whole life has led to this moment. From my earliest memories, I envisioned the dress, the flowers, the cake, the guests, the church, the aisle, and the groom. Now the moment is here. I am wearing a white dress with intricate beaded details and a long train guided by my best friend, my sister, who shared in the creation of this dreamy wedding ceremony vision since we were little girls. Our dad beside us, linked to my arm, nods that it is time to enter the church.

I peek inside and see guests in the pews. They are chattering busily and happily as the pianist plays. My friends and family are on the right side of the sanctuary, and my fiance's are on the left side. This will be the last moment of him as my fiance. I am about to walk down this aisle, and when I walk back, he will be my husband. My husband! I am about to get married!

From the doorway of the church, I turn to look behind me, and my dad says, "There's your getaway car," as he points to my grandpa's shiny antique prized possession decorated with ribbons with hollow cans tied to the ends that will rattle noisily as we drive off into our happily ever after.

I look forward down the aisle to the floral archway I meticulously designed with the florist. Sprigs of dogwood branches with bright white flowers perfectly in bloom on this bright spring day frame the spot where I will reach my destiny. Then my gaze reaches my love's eyes, and my wandering thoughts cease. My breath catches, and my heart stops for that moment in time. I see my present and future, my hopes and dreams, my one true love, and my partner 'til death do us part.

What a feeling. What a memory.
That was twenty years of sunsets ago, and we are still side by side, living the dream and sharing this beautiful life together. Happy Anniversary, my love!

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