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Like the sea knowledge is deep, what we know is only a small portion of what we know as true understanding, Rene Descartes may have realized this enlightening idea to find our basis of existence, because to think deeply we need to think, and to think we need to exist.

Knowledge of our self is like a tree, every branch is connected with each other leading to fruits, meaning new and different understandings, Rene Descartes way of thinking may be like this, since the roots is finding the self, all that's left is to put all the right fruits in their right place and the philosophy of existing by thinking was created.
The third picture represents that thinking may be a basis of our existence but it is not the basis of real experience, thinking of pain and being in pain is different, therefore we will never know the truth of something unless we experience it, Rene Descartes may have discovered his concept of dualism from this idea, the flat part of the pic represents our thoughts, and the 3D ones represents real experience therefore Descartes made a conclusion to see the mind and body to be distinct between each other.

The fourth picture represents that the sky is not the limit, because beyond the sky there is space, beyond the space there are planets, stars, galaxies and the unknown. All knowledge is like this, because what we thought was the end was just a new beginning ,yet even on that part as humans we like to make limits for ourselves because we are afraid of the unknown ,like the self, Descartes may have been afraid of seeing the self in a new complicated way because it represents his own philosophy to be but a stepping stone to true understanding of the self, such many effort put into it but wasn't even enough.

The last picture represents the idea that Descartes may have evolved the idea of his philosophy through interacting with others and listening to their feedback on what is their basis of existence, but to answer his question they needed to think right? So Descartes then acquired the evidence he needed, to know if someone exists.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) bionicteaching

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