Five Card Story: introvert or extrovert : who is more successful?

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introduction (pic 1)
people all around the world have different personalities. People tend to be separated between being a extrovert or introvert. Being an introvert consist of staying to yourself, favor independency, and reflect in solitude. Being an extrovert consist of enjoying larger crowds, enjoying to be around other people, and like to think out loud. introvert, or seem to not have such a high success rate as extroverts, considering the differences.

(pic 2)
extroverts tend have a higher success rate because they’re able to work in larger groups and concentrate while not being overstimulated. for example, if a company wanted to hire a new CEO, they want to hire someone with an outgoing personality, that can handle being in a room with people without feeling intimidated, and can handle having conversations with anyone.

(pic 3)
introverts tend to stand out, because it is easy to see someone who is uncomfortable in a crowd ,refrains from larger groups, and likes to be isolated. if you were to ask an introvert, if they would take the position as a CEO, they most likely deny it, because of the amount of socializing and center of attention, it requires most introvert prefer more secluded locations in where they are able to reflect in solitude. For example, if you were to tell an introvert if they would like to work behind the scenes in in writing a play, it most likely be a fit for them, because it would require them being able to work on their own, and work in an environment that they’re used to which is working independently.
counterargument ( pic 4)
Reassearch has shown that most gifted people are introverts. Which could mean that introverts could be just as successful as an extrovert just because someone is more outgoing doesn’t mean that they have a higher chance of succeeding. introverts actually spend more time being able to think to them selves and process information in solitude, rather than think aloud to welcome opinions, and share their ideas. Most people know that Albert Einstein was an introvert. Being an introvert actually opens doors to creativity. Einstein actually said himself that a quiet life helps develop a creative mind. We know I’m saying to be very successful in his practices.
Conclusion (pic 5)
overall extroverts have the personality to be able to stand out and voice, how they feel without holding back. Extroverts tend to have a higher success rate because of their ability to communicate, and stand out. Having great communication skills will always be a necessity when thinking about being successful in anything you do. We’re thinking about successful opportunities, you often picture of someone who is able to have an outgoing personality, deal with people, and not shy away from the light.

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