Five Card Story: City or suburban town?

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Introduction (Pic 1):

This building looks beautiful against the sunlight. It looks like it is in a nice area. Would you live in this city or rather a suburban area?

(Pic 2):

Some suburban areas can be located in more nature side with many woods and deer like the boy in the picture. It can lead to having many bugs around the house but may also be cool to have some privacy.

(Pic 3):

The city is also nice in some areas, but bad in others. Imagine waking up to this, "destroy," sign spray painted on your apartment building that you just moved into. This might give you a scary feeling on the city.

Counterargument (Pic 4):

However, in the suburban areas different types of weather will affect you. Like snow, it is the worst kind of weather we can have and this little boy in the snow is a great example of that. It can affect kids school schedules, the drives you may want to take, and more difficult to make plans around the weather. You want to take precautions with weather like this if you know you will be living in suburban areas.

Conclusion (Pic 5):

Yet, the world combined of a city/suburban area is also a possibility. In a city and suburban area, our cultures can really shine through when we have the opportunities to do so. There will always be good and bad spots of places, you just have to look for it. So, my question to you is which area would you choose to live in?

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