Five Card Story: Time Management Is Important

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Introduction (pic 1)
Wherever you live whether it's in a house, hotel, or apartment most people want to wake up by a certain time. The later you stay in bed, the less that you will get done. Setting an alarm will help you with time management.

(pic 2)
It is important to get up on time. People have places to be and things to do. Someone could have an important meeting to attend. If they do not set an alarm, they may miss that important meeting. A meeting that could get them a job.

(pic 3)
Later in life, you could end up living on the streets without having a job. Not having a job means that you will not have any money. You will have to do something you don't want to do. You might have an to play an instrument to get money. Some people might just ignore you and not give you money.

(pic 4)
Being out on the streets, you will encounter all different types of weather. You could encounter snow, hail, or even rain. Rain will make your clothes wet, and you won't have anything to change into.

(pic 5)
A positive thing being out on the streets is that you can see all of gods creations. He creates beautiful skies. Sometimes if it rains hard enough, you could see a rainbow. In some cases, there could be a double rainbow.

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