Five Card Story: Don't Drive Impaired

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- Introduction(PIC 1): When people are impaired and make bad decisions a small thing like a no smoking sign can lead to a chain of events that are hard to come back from.

-(PIC 2): Please think before you leave one spot because no smoking is aloud. you either get kicked out or thinks it not cool. Then you end up leaving to a bar named Elephant where everything is aloud.

-(PIC 3): A couple hours later when you decide to leave you might have blurry vision and tunnel vision before you head to the nearest food stand and find your way home.

-(PIC 4): Nine times out ten before you get in your car when you have bin drinking or impaired a good friend will stop you from driving. I was always told "drink the drink do not let the drink, drink you!" But then again, when you are impaired you do not always listen to your and anyone else's better judgement and drive regardless.

-(Conclusion PIC 5): In a perfect world no one would drink and drive or drive impaired. To be honest so many people would be out of harms way. In this picture my red car ran the light, I did not get hit. But I created a car accident that cost someone their life. I have to live with the bad choice I made and also have to deal with consequences that comes with driving impaired.I thought to myself all this started because of a no smoking sign.

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