Five Card Story: always surrounded pt2

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Were always surrounded by people.. It is almost impossible to go out in public and never see a single soul. its so normal seeing other people at work , school.. casually out going normal things that it will feel weird having the world feel empty. Its so many different type of people in this world , there are mean people , nice people, loud, quiet .. ect. Meeting different people can be beneficial because that's how you meet new people start to realize what crowd tend to fit in more.
Pic 2
School and churches is a typical place to be surrounded by people, you hold hands , pray , learn, laugh etc. with people or even strangers around you. Being surrounded by people is kind of important without you even realizing. Its important because being around people can distract or even ease your mind, can make you feel happy or even bring good memories.
Pic 3
Times might become tough and you might feel like and life seeming like a blur but its always someone around willing to listen or probably going through the same thing that your going through .. if not similar. People look like life in different point of views, people get depressed and start falling into a hole, people can go through traumatic events and never recover.

However, many people enjoy their own company and don't really enjoy the public for many reasons .Many people feel as though cameras are a main problem in society and feels that the government watches your every move & that's a reason why people tend to stay inside their homes then out and about. There is evidence that shows that people actually enjoy being home .. it states "it gives a person time to invest in themselves and their interests. People might choose to spend time alone because they are introverts energized by the quiet. Others may prefer being alone because they feel overstimulated when around others". That was a few of many reasons why people would rather stay homebody

Yet overall it seems best to learn that staying home and not seeing a single soul is honestly a personal preference and whatever makes you feel at peace is what really matters. Being in your home can be the most relaxing feeling and also getting out the house and being around fun people and just having a good time can make you feel like grass in the wind. They both have pros and cons but its a good thing that you have a opportunity to do both.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) Serenae

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