Five Card Story: To Live

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Introduction(pic 1): To relish your life is to take advantage of what is in front of you. For example, to take advantage of your ability to walk, to run, and to be active. To take advantage of the freedom and safe living you have.To capture every moment as if it were to be your last and savor the importance of living.

(pic 2): Time is a factor that influences the way we live. Not enough time, too much time and wanting to go ahead and back in time. It’s important to acknowledge that time moves with you and to take advantage that time is by your side. The way you take advantage of time is what allows you to create a prosperous way of living. People rush the idea of wanting to grow up so quickly, to become an adult, live on your own, and have your own rules. Learn to live in the moment and appreciate the moment you are in and live in the present time.

(pic 3): Throughout your time of living comes the adventures of learning and accessing knowledge on different morals and values. Religion, a guidance to one's personal belief. The acceptance of having religion and succeeding to true faith brings joy and prosperity to those who seek it. To some, religion is the key to their own prosperity. To those who don’t have religion, it is also a clarity of their way of living and their choice of living with that security. Throughout peoples life time, the idea of religion brings a peaceful feeling. It is used to bring fulfillment and solitude to their life.

(pic 4): With living comes consequences, the difficulty of living and going through your own personal experiences may bring the idea of not having any excitement to live your life to the fullest. Dreading experiences based on fear rather than excitement. There are plenty of things in our life time that just aren't experiences worth living. For example, going to the beach could be fun, but what if your weren't able to swim. the dread in the possibility of drowning is all in the experiences of living, the possibility is feasible.

Conclusion(pic 5): In conclusion, living your life with security and prosperity requires the acknowledgement of capturing what is in front of you, working with time and seeking clarity of who you are and your self awareness. There is so much to learn, different things to see and acknowledge. Somethings to reflect on is that there is plenty of time to live your life according to the way you want to do it. Secondly, find your own peace and freedom in any way you feel appropriate to do so.

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flickr photo credits: (1) cogdogblog (2) dwtno (3) bionicteaching (4) shareski (5) whistlepunch

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