Five Card Story: The most pointless story ever

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It was a warm day, and I was tired. Summers off have been the best thing that has happened to me. As I mozied out of my running gear and into the shower, I pondered the rest of the day. Most of my friends would be at work. As I dried off, I decided to take a ride on Billy's scooter. He would kill me if he knew I took it, but he won't.

I rode down the street, enjoying the breeze in my hair. I contemplated calling Nicole or Marie to meet me at the boat for a quick ski. I was too tired, so I continued to ride, imagining the water and the lake breeze. All of a sudden, something was on the road in front of me. I could not stop. "Please move... PLEASE MOVE," I thought to myself. As I screetched the scooter into the other lane, the animal stopped. Breathing a sigh of relief, I continued, only to find that it was following me. I stopped and called the animal. It was a dog. It looked dirty, and did not have a collar. He seemed sweet, so I pet him while I thought about what to do next. I decided to ride slowly to Charlie's pub.

The dog came into the bar with me and we shared a beer (or two). While we were drinking, a man approached us. He was wearing pink polka-dot sunglasses and yellow overalls. As if that wasn't strange enough, he had a small dog with him who was dressed just as ridiculoulsly. The dogs began to sniff each other, and I invited him to share another drink. We talked for awhile. He told me of his days following the Dead, conversations with aliens, and other equally "interesting" adventures.

Eventually, the beers got to me, and I realized that I'd taken Billy's scooter. "Sh$#@!" I thought. So, I called Billy at work and had him pick me up. I was in trouble.

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